What Is A Waste Management Licence Is And Why Is It Important?

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Do you need waste management? If so, it’s important to work with companies who hold the correct licensing in handling rubbish. After all, you want to know your discarded items are getting disposed of correctly. Producers of refuse have a duty of care to make sure that it is got rid of correctly.

Whether you’re a commercial business or a domestic household, you should make sure the company you hire is licensed for the job.

What Is a Waste Management Licence?

A waste management licence gives permission to a company to handle rubbish at some capacity. This could either be the transporting of it or the disposing of it. The licence is a document from an environmental body that permits companies to handle waste. There are a few different tiers to the licence which permit different levels of control, this is dependent on a business.

A company should always be happy to show their licence documentation. However, you can freely check the register for businesses who hold a permit in Wales, and what type of licence they have.

The Fight Against Fly Tipping

You’ll want to make sure you don’t just hire any waste management company. Fly tipping is the illegal discarding of rubbish that avoids disposal costs. You’re most likely to find it ruining country lanes. If a handler doesn’t hold a licence, they are illegally dumping your waste. In the worst case, if someone gets rid of your rubbish somewhere it shouldn’t be, it could be tracked back to you.

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Safer Waste Management

Sometimes rubbish can be hazardous, so holding the proper licence means a business has been authorised in dealing with certain materials. It’s important to ensure that your items are being moved and disposed of correctly. Mishandling it could lead to negative effects on our environment, which isn’t so good.

Green’s Recycling holds a licence that allows us to collect and dispose of hazardous rubbish such as asbestos. This can give you peace of mind that your unsafe rubbish is being dealt with professionally.

Contact Us For Waste Management Services

At Green’s Recycling, our limited company has full waste management licensing to ensure we get the job done right.  Whether you need recycling services, skip hire or site clearance, our team of experts can help you today. Get in touch with us for a free quote.

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