What Can You Recycle In 2022?

Recyclable aluminium

Recycling is very important to our environment, but sometimes it can be difficult to know what you can dispose of. So, we’ve put together a guide to give some clarity on what can be accepted. Some items may differ depending on your local council, and always check the labels.

Your 2022 Recycling Guide

Recycling Paper

We’ll start off with the easy ones. Paper is widely reprocessed, and this can include, but not be limited to:

Also. watch out for greetings cards that have glitter or other decorations. These should be removed before chucking away.

Flat lay of paper wastes ready for recycling


Cardboard is commonly recycled in most homes, so this is quite simple. Also, you don’t have to remove labels from the boxes as they will drop off during the process. You can throw items such as:

If you’re a commercial business that gets rid of a lot of cardboard, then Green’s Recycling can help you keep on top of it with our collection services.


With plastics, don’t forget to quickly rinse out any remaining food waste. You should also squash bottles down as it will save you space and this will make it easier to handle. Here are a few examples of plastics that can be reused:

Things like bubble wrap and some film lids can’t be recycled, so make sure to check labels.

Recycling Metal

Unfortunately, it’s likely your kerbside service is only designed to sort certain tins and cans. Things like cutlery aren’t accepted, but they can be taken to a waste centre. At Green’s Recycling, we offer scrap metal tipping at our centre for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Below are some metal items you can reprocess:

Crushed metal waste cubes


Glass is an easier material to sort through. Larger items are encouraged to be taken to certain collection points or centres. Here are some household items that are accepted:

Also, keep in mind that Pyrex dishes and mirrors cannot be recycled.

Grab lorry claw above piles of wood waste

Wood & Timber

Wood can’t be taken from the bins at your home, but it can be at your local centre. Here are some that are accepted:

Textiles & Clothing

Unfortunately, clothing can’t go in your usual recycling bins, but it can be taken to disposal points or centres. Green’s Recycling accept these materials.

If you’re still not sure on what to recycle and are in Cardiff, check out the A-Z of recycling to discover how you can discard of specific items.

Inert Waste

Inert waste includes brick, concrete, plaster and just about any construction material you can think of. So, these would need to be taken to a waste centre to be dealt with accordingly.

E-waste heap from discarded laptop parts

WEEE (Waste Electrical And Electronic Equipment)

Have you ever seen the symbol of a wheelie bin crossed out? Then this means that the item shouldn’t be placed in your normal bins. WEEE are mostly items that have a plug or need batteries. It could be anything like a smoke detector, hoover or even a cooker, but these items should be taken to a recycling centre.

Contact Us For Recycling In South Wales

So, if you’re not sure on whether you can get rid of some items, get in touch with us and we can help you. At Green’s Recycling centre, we can take a lot of items you are unable to from home. We have lots of experience in dealing with anything from stone and metal to paper and cardboard.

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