The Benefits Of Recycling

Overflowing green rubbish skip
Overflowing green rubbish skip

We all know that recycling is good for the environment, that’s no secret — but do you actually know how? There are ecological and domestic perks to recycling that could surprise even the greenest of us all. Keep reading to learn the benefits of recycling and how it can change your life and transform our communities.

The Environmental Benefits Of Recycling

What are the large-scale benefits of recycling? It may feel like you’re a small fish in a large pond, so recycling is pointless. However, inaction will only add to the problem, and the effort to preserve our planet’s fragile climate is not down to a sole individual. Thankfully, recycling is easy and anyone can do it. The effects of recycling are listed below:

Big green skip on the road
Man stretching jacket to reveal shirt with recycle symbol printed

Conserves Natural Resources

Not all resources on earth are infinite. Our natural sources are rapidly diminishing, which recycling circumvents. Not only does it protect our limited supply from pointless extractions, but the process of mining and crafting these materials are damaging to the environment. 

Plastic is made from hydrocarbons – a type of fossil fuel that releases nitrous oxide into the atmosphere – which contributes to air pollution. Metal mining is a resource-thirsty and intensive process that produces an obscene amount of carbon monoxide. Both of these products can be recycled, thus limiting the need for these toxic technologies.

As a by-product, reducing our reliance on these tools will save a colossal amount of energy that can be directed elsewhere, thus reducing the carbon footprint of our current energy-producing technologies.

Protects Our Ecosystems

Entire rainforests are being destroyed to produce paper and wood, when existing products can be recycled. This may not seem threatening from an environmental perspective (you can always plant trees), but entire eco-systems will be wiped out in the process. 

This snowballs the already alarming rate of species extinction in the ongoing Holocene purge. Pollution also poses a great risk to living creatures. Land contaminants eventually find their way to bodies of water, which is a crucial resource for humans and animals. Sensible and ethical recycling of waste will prevent sustained damage and unnecessary species death.

Pollution, poor waste management and resource mining are all avoidable through proper recycling techniques. However, as we’ve observed, their effect on the environment is devastating and contributing rapidly towards the decline in our biodiversity. If that’s not convincing enough, there are also some domestic benefits recycling can provide, if you want to see results closer to home.

The Domestic Benefits Of Recycling

Interestingly, recycling will boost the economy by creating more jobs. It’ll enforce a greater demand for people to sort waste and transfer recyclable materials to the correct facilities, which will be needed in every nook of the country. If your town is low on jobs, boosting your recycling effort may just create new opportunities in the future. You’ll also be reducing the need for landfills, which are unsightly, take up space and attract vermin. Poor waste disposal can result in blocked drains and sewers, so proper waste management and recycling techniques will keep towns and cities more hygienic and less bombarded with waste and sewage. A clean town in a happy town.

Recycling Services With Green's Recycling

For comprehensive recycling services in Cardiff, get in touch with us today. We accept all manner of recyclable materials, such as electronics, plastic, glass and textiles. If you’re not sure what can or can’t be recycled, don’t be afraid to give us a call. Our knowledgeable and passionate team are always happy to make lives greener and do our bit for the planet.