How To Load A Skip Efficiently

Green skip

Are you interested in skip hire? When you rent one out, you’ll want to ensure that you’re loading it efficiently. If you load a container at random, then you risk not using the space optimally. This means you might need to get another container, which will cost more money than it needs to. If you’re looking to save, ensure that you are loading the container efficiently. Loading the container is like a game of Tetris; it’s important to ensure every available space is filled. Here are some of our tips.

Break Down Large Items

If you have bigger items to throw away during skip hire, then it is recommended that it should be broken down before being put in the container. If you put it in as is, then you risk blocking off spaces that could otherwise be filled. If any furniture needs to go in, try to break it up as much as possible to ensure that you can keep the skip level.

Flatter Items At The Bottom

Put large and flatter items at the bottom when you get skip hire. If you put them any further up, you risk blocking off available space. Putting flat items first means you have a solid base to start with, providing stability for the rest of the rubbish.

Green Skip
Metal waste in blue skip

Leave Small, Loose Items Until Last

If you’ve got gravel, soil, sand or any small, loose debris, then we recommend leaving it until last.  You can use this to fill in any available crevices that are left. Smaller items can be wedged between larger ones. Plus, if you leave the little bits until last, you won’t be stressing about whether items will fit or not.

Fill It Level

During your skip hire, ensure that you fill it level. If you overfill it, you risk it not being collected. This is because it will be driven away, so it needs to be safe for transport. Overfilling it would be a risk to the driver and other road users, so it can be refused pickup or you may incur extra charges.

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