Can You Keep Skips on the Road?

If you hire a skip it is important that you think about the location your skip will be situated for the duration of your project. In instances where the skip will be positioned on a road or highway, there are a few legal requirements that need to be fulfilled. Indeed, this will protect you if a problem or accident were to occur. If you do not consider these legal obligations, you could get a fine from your local council, or have your container taken away. It is essential that you meet the following legal requirements when you hire a skip.


It is a legal requirement to have a permit if your skip is on a road or on a highway. How much you pay for this permit will be dependent upon the costs that your local council have set out. Get in touch with our company today and we can arrange a permit for you or provide you with any additional information that you require.


Any skip on a road or highway needs a minimum of four cones surrounding it. These cones must be placed on the approach towards the skip. This will ensure that the container is highly visible to drivers, preventing accidents.

blue skip filled with debris.


By law, if your skip is on a road or highway, you must have lights at both ends of the container. This is essential for ensuring that the container is visible to drivers at night and in low lighting conditions, preventing accidents. Contact us if you would like to make any further enquiries.

Skip Requirements

When your container is full, you need to arrange to have it picked up within a couple of working days. Furthermore, it is vital that the container is in the correct state for usage. It will need to meet a range of criteria, including:

Wooden waste in red skip

In hiring a skip from us, you can have total confidence that our skips will be adherent to the set guidelines. When you order your container, let us know whereabouts your container will be placed, so we can ensure it will meet the set criteria. Moreover, we can provide you with any advice you require, answer any enquiries you might have and help you to acquire a permit. We are reputable for delivering safe and speedy solutions, for excellent value for money. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and arrange your skip hire today. Book now to avoid disappointment!

Contact Us For Additional Skip Information

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you require any additional information about skips and the regulations surrounding them. You will also be able to arrange skip hire in advance, to meet your project needs. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon, and providing you with our professional guidance.